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Successful brand communication needs the perfect basis

When paperboard conveys the message emotionally and cleverly.

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Paper packaging for a sustainable future

New barrier papers from the innovation leader Sappi.

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A new experience every month

Frank Denninghoff, Managing Director of Gräfe Druckveredelung GmbH, on the stunning 2020 Jänecke + Schneemann annual calendar.

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Consumers desire sustainable packaging

Studies show that consumers value increased sustainability in product packaging.

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Algro Design Advanced and Algro Design Nature: Watch the video and discover the difference!

Lars Scheidweiler (Product Group Manager Paperboard at Sappi Europe) explains the differences between the two types of paperboard.

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Paperboard packaging 2020 – A consumer focus

Premium paperboard packaging will continue to be extremely popular with consumers in 2020.

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Six reasons why paperboard packaging is the ideal ambassador for your brand

Is your product unique? Then let your customers know – with packaging made of premium paperboard.

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Luxe Pack 2019: Sappi presents packaging solutions for premium products

Atelier and the expanded Algro Design product family offer a wide range of options.

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Sappi with Atelier and expanded Algro Design line at the FachPack 2019

The motto of this year’s trade fair is ‘Sustainable Packaging’ and Sappi is raising the bar yet again.

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A new addition to the Algro Design product family

Algro Design Advanced expands the range – Algro Design becomes Algro Design Nature.

The market for high-quality packaging solutions is in a constant state of flux. Expectations rise

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Sappi Atelier: now in moving images!

A new product film transforms the fascinating qualities of Sappi’s Atelier into a realistic experience.

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70 years and still fascinated by the future

Sappi congratulates the trade journal VerpackungsRundschau on its birthday with a dazzling anniversary cover, oozing visual

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How and why brands move us

Sappi North America has published a book examining how the sense of touch impacts the way brands are perceived.

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Paper: it’s all in the bag

For environmental reasons, the EU is working on rapidly reducing the use of plastic bags. Paper bags are an intriguing alternative. Depending on

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Paperboard – a natural decision (part 2 of 2)

Consumers are increasingly paying close attention to the sustainability of product packaging and they clearly favor paper and paperboard.

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Packaging that oozes elegance and sophistication

When packaging is in harmony with brand communications

Salvatore Ferragamo has selected the mastery of Bolognese packaging company Industrialbox and

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Paperboard – a natural decision (part 1 of 2)

In the ongoing environmental debate, packaging materials are increasingly being drawn into the conversation.  As a result, the positive arguments for paper and paperboard based packaging
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Paper recycling today – economically and ecologically efficient

Paper was recycled as early as about 1775.
At Sappi, we know that an awareness of environmental sustainability is decisive for our future. This includes making paper and
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Recycling rate for paper and cardboard rises to record levels

Sappi products play a decisive role in the recycling process.

The recycling rate for paper and cardboard packaging waste now stands at 85.8 percent – in

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Sappi Atelier folding boxboard: order the Swatch Book now!

The new folding boxboard Atelier from Sappi has been developed under the precept “brilliance meets function.” Just how convincing and multifaceted this white back folding box board
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Make a lasting impression

Cardboard packaging adds value to products and makes them more credible.

Packaging is like a business card for a product: It not only conveysclear information and product features, but can also provide strong emotional

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Packaging that communicates with the consumer

Interactive features upgrade sales packaging and increase purchasing incentive.

Everybody is talking about the Internet of Things, or IoT – a network that interconnects physical and virtual objects, enabling them to work together

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A strong case for print

The meta-analysis “The Power of Print” summarizes the state of research on the advertising appeal of print. Win a copy now!

For two decades now, enthusiasm for online marketing has led executives to shift budgets

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New paperboard Atelier – brilliance meets function

The Atelier folding boxboard (GC1) from Sappi

In mid-April, Sappi is launching its new Atelier paperboard, developed under the motto “brilliance meets function”. The special feature of the new

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Eight reasons why Sappi is the ideal partner for your packaging project

At Sappi, we see ourselves not just as manufacturers of premium paperboard, but also as a partner to our customers. We seek to offer true added value to Brand Owners, Packaging Developers, and 
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Celebrating products – with paperboard packaging

Oliver Bruns and Helmut Sieber (Edelmann Group) on current packaging trends and Algro Design from Sappi.

In the past, not everything was better, but a lot of things were simpler. For example, just a few

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There are some great surprises waiting for you in Sappi’s Easter competition!

This Easter, Sappi is giving away 13 Easter surprises, whose attractive packaging is made using high-quality paperboard from Sappi.

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The premiere at the Packaging Première

Launch of the GC1 Atelier folding box board 1 from Sappi in Italy 

Innovative and sustainable packaging solutions: with Sappi boards and papers, both aspects  scan be implemented in a variety of ways. At the

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Paperboard: high-quality packaging for luxury products

Sappi is exhibiting for the first time at Luxe Pack Shanghai

High-quality, customised packaging inspires end consumers, brand owners and designers alike. For the first time at Luxe Pack Shanghai  in China,

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Inspiring customers with calendars

High-quality picture calendars are brand ambassadors – 365 days a year.

There are many reasons why picture calendars are among the most popular advertising media. They combine daily benefits with high contact frequency. Successful picture calendars

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Experience the power of print

Creatura road show: Sappi presents outstanding packaging projects and paperboard solutions.

Even in the digital age, print remains highly relevant – as proven by the Creatura initiative and its annual road show, which in 2019 is again

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Successful in online trading – with folding paperboard boxes

How paperboard helps boost sales via digital marketing channels.
Europeans are shopping on the Internet more and more. Online retailers generated around 602 billion euros in B2C business in 2017,
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Ten trends that will shape paperboard packaging of the future

At Sappi we do not only regard ourselves as manufacturers of premium paperboards such as the well known Algro Design SBB range, but also as solution providers for converter, brand owners and designers. In our everyday work we see

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Paperboard – indispensable to the business cycle

Packaging protects goods and conveys information.

Our premium paperboard family Algro Design forms the basis of a whole range of folding boxboard packaging that boosts the success

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A refined Advent

How embossed foil printing and cold foil transfer produce a high-quality calendar

Christmas spirit doesn’t just start on the first Sunday in Advent. So it’s even nicer when you already have a high-quality Advent calendar

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Brilliant prospects

Christoph Sontheimer of ECKART discusses the wide-ranging possibilities of metallic pigments

When it glitters, when it shines … people want it. The printing industry has long used metallic pigments and pearlescent effects

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Keeping the paper cycle alive

Myths about paper recycling – and what to think of them.
At Sappi, we want to contribute to reducing pollution by embracing our responsibility for the environment in our day-to-day work.
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Kenzo Continues to Enhance Brand Image with Unique Sappi Algro Design Packaging

Founded in 1987, LVMH has leveraged some of the world’s best-known luxury brands for dynamic growth. 

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Atelier© Folding Box Board launched at FachPack and LUXEPACK generated enthusiastic feedback

Bright white finish, smooth surface, silky feel, unique in market high gloss paired with high bulk and stiffness - delivering the utmost in premium quality folding box board

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Providing a sense of touch for fingers, mind, and heart

Fischer Papier finishes Algro Design Card with five highly emotional embossings.
If you want to succeed in the Swiss paper market you need lots of stamina, according to Swiss industry experts. In this price-sensitive market
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Eye-catching cover for trade journal VerpackungsRundschau

Five specialists enhance the extra issue “Packaging + Marketing 2018.”

VerpackungsRundschau is considered the leading trade journal of the packaging industry. For this

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Study proves: packaging boosts sales

Up to 70% of consumers allow packaging to influence part of their purchase decision.

There are many good reasons to produce carton packaging with premium paperboard such as Algro Design from Sappi.

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Atelier folding box board 1 is coming soon!

The folding box board 1 Atelier from Sappi will be available on the market shortly. First unprinted sample sheets will be shown at the FachPack 2018 and LUXE PACK MONACO exhibitions.

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Promoting sales through embossing

When something glitters, reflects and shines, we want to touch it. We take this urge into account in developing our packaging designs. Breathtaking effects can be attained with embossing:

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Creative premium packaging at LUXE PACK Monaco

Improving brand communication with Algro Design paperboard

Sappi Limited, a leading global producer of packaging and speciality papers and boards, today reported that

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Experiencing finishes – hot and cold foil

Hot” and cold foil are among the most popular finishing processes in the print and packaging market. Although similarities between the foils might be expected, they are very different in their application and use.

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Visit us at FachPack 2018!

Act fast and get one of twenty admission tickets.

With over 40,000 trade visitors and around 1,500 exhibitors, especially from the DACH region

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Experience the new Algro Design Swatch Book!

The new Swatch Book for Sappi’s premium paperboard Algro Design is a true work of art.

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Designers will love it!

A new project, a new challenge. For packaging designers, there has to be an optimal fit between creativity and technical possibilities

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Does paper have a negative impact on our environment?

Myths and facts ─ dispelling common prejudices about paper and cardboard

Our day-to-day work at Sappi consists of using the renewable resource wood to manufacture things that provide sustainable, efficient solutions.

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Why folding cartons are the packaging of the future

In times of sustainability and zero waste, brand owners and retailers have to rethink:

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Security first

The General Data Protection Regulation: your data in good hands

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), passed to ensure the further enhanced security of personal data, took effect on May 25, 2018.

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House of Besserat de Bellefon chooses Sappi’s carton board to showcase its iconic Champagne

The famed House of Besserat de Bellefon, based in Epernay in the Champagne region of France, has chosen to package its crown jewel, Cuvée des Moines, in a presentation case

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Sustainable by nature

Myths and facts: let’s bust some common myths about paper.
Sappi places great value on sustainability. Our entire team acts with responsibility in mind and treats the natural product of wood with the care it deserves.

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A champagne box with a note of distinction

It has a precious look and a metallic gloss and gives a foretaste of the noble drop which is hiding inside …

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Sappi’s sustainability initiative is a clear commitment to even greater environmental awareness.

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Packaging design: why choosing the right substrate matters

The first impression counts. Often, there is no second chance to change this initial perception. 

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Swatch Book Algro Design available

The Making of the Algro Design Swatch Book

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Multisensory marketing: providing purchasing impetus with paperboard

How do consumers perceive products and brands in an overstimulated world? What influences their purchasing decisions? Studies in neuropsychology and behavioral science show:

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Packaging Design – The Key Factors

Although it is meant to be ‘just’ for product protection, transport and storage, packaging is really so much more than that.

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Appeals to all the senses: Metal effect meets Sappi paperboard

Sappi's Algro Design boosts presentation of metallic pigments for ECKART’s illoom.-LookBook

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Sustainability – It’s about more than just being "green"

Sappi is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of wood fibre products as well as a pioneer in terms of sustainability.

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Pure, natural, bright effects with Sappi Algro Design

Sappi’s bright white Algro Design reflects Nordic packaging values for new Edelmanns Lumene ‘Wheel of Light’ line of cosmetics.
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