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A new addition to the Algro Design product family

Algro Design Advanced expands the range – Algro Design becomes Algro Design Nature.

The market for high-quality packaging solutions is in a constant state of flux. Expectations rise

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Paperboard – a natural decision (part 2 of 2)

Consumers are increasingly paying close attention to the sustainability of product packaging and they clearly favor paper and paperboard.

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Paperboard – a natural decision (part 1 of 2)

In the ongoing environmental debate, packaging materials are increasingly being drawn into the conversation.  As a result, the positive arguments for paper and paperboard based packaging
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Packaging that communicates with the consumer

Interactive features upgrade sales packaging and increase purchasing incentive.

Everybody is talking about the Internet of Things, or IoT – a network that interconnects physical and virtual objects, enabling them to work together

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Brilliant prospects

Christoph Sontheimer of ECKART discusses the wide-ranging possibilities of metallic pigments

When it glitters, when it shines … people want it. The printing industry has long used metallic pigments and pearlescent effects

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Atelier© Folding Box Board launched at FachPack and LUXEPACK generated enthusiastic feedback

Bright white finish, smooth surface, silky feel, unique in market high gloss paired with high bulk and stiffness - delivering the utmost in premium quality folding box board

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Sappi’s sustainability initiative is a clear commitment to even greater environmental awareness.

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Swatch Book Algro Design available

The Making of the Algro Design Swatch Book

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Sustainability – It’s about more than just being "green"

Sappi is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of wood fibre products as well as a pioneer in terms of sustainability.

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Pure, natural, bright effects with Sappi Algro Design

Sappi’s bright white Algro Design reflects Nordic packaging values for new Edelmanns Lumene ‘Wheel of Light’ line of cosmetics.
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